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Water Sports



The destination of Mui Né is a favorite for any kitesurfing or windsurfing enthusiast and our beach is particularly well suited as it offers one of the largest stretches available in our region, with constant wind coming ‘side to shore’ over the ocean.

For Beginner to Advanced:



Stand-Up Paddle (SUP)


Body Boarding


Book lessons with the certified instructors of the water sports center on our beach. Private and group lessons can be arranged.

Kite & Wind-Surf Beginner 1 Hour Taster:

Upwind/Jumping 1 Hour Lesson:

Water Start Lessons 5 Hours:
Private $250, Group $180

Get Up & Riding 7 Hours Course:
Private $315, Group $210

Get Serious Course of 10 Hours:
Private $450, Group $300


You can also rent the equipment if you do not need lessons or just want to have some fun in the waves with body boards. Please note that you will be responsible for the equipment and your safety. Prices given hereunder are per hour / per day / per week.

Kite-Surf Complete Set: $30 / $80 / $410

Kite Only: $25 / $55 / $320

Board Only: $10 / $35 / $160

Surfboard: $15 / $30 / $150

SUB: $15 / $45 / $180

Body Board: $8 / $20 / $100

Above rates are indicative only, contact us for more details.

Golf with a View NEARBY

Sealinks Golf Club


Sealinks Golf is a jewel in our coastal area. The 18 holes (Par 72) are laid-out on an area of 160 hectares on a dune covered bluff looking out over the South China Sea. The golf course is just 2 km away from White Sand Resort and can be reached with a 5 minutes taxi ride. The course’ designers, Ronald Fream and Golfplan Company ensured that the course retains much of the original terrain of white sand dunes.

Sealinks looks over the ocean, with panoramic views of Mui Ne Bay, thus creating a particular selfie-stop for golfers. The course at Sea Links has both modern elements with elaborate bunkers and elevated greens. At the same time, a more links style golf course best describes Sea Links overall character.
With a length of 7,700 yards from the tips, each hole has its own beauty and challenge. Notable is the long par fives and two island par threes. Massive undulations are found on the greens and fairways making it as challenging as they come.

Red Sand Dunes

The Red Dunes, as the name suggests, feature reddish-brown sand that makes them a popular place for photography. Sand-sledding is a common (and fun) activity here. The Red Dunes are just behind the Mui Né Cape where a photo stop should not be missed to capture the large open fishing harbor.

Poshanu Cham Towers

The Po Shanu Cham Towers are located atop Ong Hoang (Mr Heaven) Hill, just about 2 km from White Sand Resort, comprising three ancient worship towers built during the late 8th century. Together with Po Dam Towers and My Son Sanctuary, these ruins are regarded as important cultural landmarks of the ancient Champa Kingdom.


Hot Air Balloon Flight – A definite highlight for any vacation! Most of the time you’ll  fly near or over white sand dunes of Mui Ne. When winds are too strong in the dunes, we move further from the sea. Not-so-distant mountains, river, local villages and farmlands with grazing animals – it’s a picturesque and unique experience.

Phan Thiet City

Phan Thiet, the Province’s capital has grown to quite a large city in the past years but has kept his local quaint provincial town character. The impressive fishing harbor, the Whale Temple, Chinese Pagoda, the historic Water Tower and the bustling main market are sights not to be missed. We can help you arrange a tour with a knowledgeable guide.

Lotus Lake

A bit further out than the Red Dunes is the Lotus Lake which is actually two bodies of water next to each other, surrounded by stunning white-sand dunes. The contrast of sand against the water creates quite a spectacle, so bring a camera and try to capture that perfect image of your vacation. Quad Biking is available there.

Ta Ku Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain is 30 kilometres south-west of Phan Thiet and at 400m above sea level, you’ll find a 49-metre white reclining Buddha statue, accessible by a steep climb uphill or a ten minute cable car ride up. Visit the Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda, enjoy panoramic views of large dragon fruit farms and admire the lying Sakiyamuni Buddha.

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